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Anonymous asked: i will stop having sex with him but should i block him


girl u do u i don’t know

— 21 hours ago
Anonymous asked: this guy calls me back wen i get over him and has sex with me and ignores me and calls me month later for sex it sucks idk should i block him?


u should stop having sex with him maybe

— 2 days ago with 2 notes
Anonymous asked: i havent had a real bf so i can relate :) but im here to listen


Samesies boiz are the worst

— 3 days ago
Anonymous asked: whats the most fucked up situation uve been in involving a boy


I could go on for hours. I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive situation.

— 3 days ago
O look I got my Halloween costume today

O look I got my Halloween costume today

— 3 days ago with 5 notes
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Anonymous asked: I hope when I'm 23 I'm as perfect as u. I have 5 yrs????


You do not want to be me tbh my life is a mess

— 4 days ago with 1 note